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Become a Wellness/Fit Coach:

What's Wellness/Fit Coach All About? Nutrition Coach is about Helping people be healthy, fit and enjoying life more through Nutritional weight loss, it is real chance to help change people's lives. You should have passion to help people. Other wise it is not for you.

Why Health and Nutrition Industry? Because right now we are pacing two problem. Problem No.1 : Lack of Preventive education to stay healthy. Problem No.2 : Imbalance in our diet and our Sedentary Lifestyle. Because of that there is increase of overweight population, 65% of urban population is overweight which leads to health risk.

World Health Organization (WHO) reports, because of un Healthy work place, Indian Economy will lose over Rs. 12,000 Crore Annually by 2015! A decline in Obesity rates could lead to savings in treatment cost and crores of rupees of increased productivity.

>This is creating a huge demand for Nutrition coaches to help people maintain their health and improve their lifestyle choices.


>If you don't have experience we will train you. We have a support system that will guide you each step of the way!

For more details please register here and we will send you some information.

For more details please register here and we will send you some information.

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