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Myths & truths about breakfast

Myths & truths about breakfast

Four common myths & truths about breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Yes! Scientific research gives several interesting reasons for it. Studies have revealed that eating breakfast is definitely a healthy habit and can give you the most required nutrients and energy for starting the day. Your hunger is regulated; you do not tend to overeat during later meals, thus keeping your calorie intake from going overboard.

Similar studies also show that children who have breakfast daily perform better than the ones who tend to skip it. Working professionals who are in the habit of eating breakfast before work have better attention span, superior memory and can concentrate much more compared to their colleagues who tend to evade this important meal.

For people who want to lose weight as well as those who want to maintain it- the importance of this meal is tremendous.

Skipping breakfast can help in weight loss

Wrong! Time and again, this habit has been scientifically proven wrong, as our bodies tend to store nutrients from subsequent meals to make up for a skipped meal. That simply means, after a night of starvation, our body welcomes breakfast and tends to take its energy from its nutrients. So what happens if you skip it? Your body gets into a hibernation mode and starts storing all the food you consume, in the form of fat to burn later! With every meal skipped, these reserves of fat grow larger and the result- a fatter and obese you!

Not only that, avoiding breakfast only leads to higher calorie intake in the course of the day. During other meals your body tries to compensate for the food you denied it in the morning- making you hungrier than you should be!

There is another reason why most of you don’t eat breakfast. It is simply because you don’t feel hungry enough in the morning. What it actually means is that, you are overeating at night and your body is not getting the required amount of working out for a healthy breakfast!

I can have whatever I want for breakfast- I won’t gain weight

Wrong again! Just like every other meal of the day, breakfast also has to be a balanced fare. The right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre is what makes a breakfast ideal! It gives the required energy, keeps you full longer and you tend to recognize your healthy hunger patterns throughout the day.

Comparatively, a breakfast high is carbohydrates- sugar rich snacks or fried edibles can give momentary relief from hunger but make you sluggish, tired, cranky and craving for more such unhealthy food throughout the day. When you tend to consume more of such food, obesity is imminent.

A healthy breakfast should be supplemented with a workout

Definitely yes! The key to good health has always been a balance of healthy nutrition and exercise. Be it running, brisk walking, dancing, sports or yoga- a daily dose of working out not just lowers the risk of life style diseases, it also promotes weight loss and higher energy levels.

A very light snack before workout and a balanced healthy breakfast afterwards can help you maintain your energy levels, prevent exhaustion and keep your calorie burner “switched on” for the rest of the day and night!

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